Book Club Suggestions from BookBar’s Cookbook Club: Eat Joy and What’s Cooking at 10 Garden Street? Edition

by Becky LeJeune

If you’ve followed the club, then you know that this month we’ve been cooking from two books: Eat Joy and What’s Cooking at 10 Garden Street?. And now it’s time for some themed book club recs perfect for your next book club meeting!

ParticularFirst up is The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender, which finds nine year old Rose discovering that she has the ability to taste the emotions of the people who make the food that she eats. 

Discussion topics include family relationships, mother/daughter relationships, and food. 

Next is Sourdough by Robin Sloane. This charming book finds a Silicon Valley tech Sourdoughemployee increasingly disenchanted with her chosen career path and increasingly curious about sourdough bread after being entrusted with the care of a starter. 

Discussion topics include food trends and the intersection between food and technology.

Like WaterAnd finally Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquival is a long time favorite and award-winning story of a girl and her conflict between romantic love and love/obligation of her family. 

Discussion topics include family relationships, symbolism in magical realism, and Mexican food and culture. 
Suggested menu:

Za’atar bi zayat (Eat Joy)
Guacamole (What’s Cooking…)
Mini Quiches (What’s Cooking…)
Strawberry Crumble (What’s Cooking…)

Happy reading (and eating)! And remember to post your pictures to social media using the hashtag: #BookBarCookClub