Serena- Dreamers Often Lie

dreamers-often-lieTitle: Dreamers Often Lie

Author: Jacqueline West

Publisher: Dial Books

Release Date: April, 2016

After waking up in the hospital with a minor case of amnesia, Jaye starts seeing characters from Hamlet and originally thinks they’re there because she’s on meds and she really, really loves Shakespeare. But then they don’t go away. All of a sudden Ophelia is sitting next to her in class, and Hamlet won’t shut up in the school hallway. Worst of all, Romeo shows up in anatomy class, but… he’s not actually Romeo. He’s real. Now Jaye has to figure out how to hide all these things from her family and her teachers, because there’s no way she can miss any more rehearsal or make her mom worry, but the boundaries between real and imaginary are blurring, and Jaye’s not so sure she can take it any longer.  

This book had a very intriguing premise, and while I enjoyed it, I found it to be incredibly lacking. Written in first person, I was able to dive right into Jaye’s head and for most of the book I was just as confused as she was about why the heck characters from Shakespeare plays kept talking to her. I thought Jaye was a likeable character, though many of her actions frustrated me, and the prose-like writing was good enough for me to get immersed in the story and finish the book within a day. However, after finishing the book, I kept thinking that there should be more. That couldn’t have been the ending. It made no sense! Looking back on the book, it lacked an overall plot. Absolutely nothing felt resolved; there was a bit of a love triangle that really wasn’t well developed, and nothing about Jaye’s condition or the part that I think was supposed to be a plot twist (and would have been a very good one) was explained.

I would rate this book 5/10 stars, though I would definitely recommend it, because then maybe other people could tell me what they think happened at the end.