Serena- American Girls

americanTitle: American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers

Author: Nancy Jo Sales

Publisher: Vintage; Reprint edition

Release Date: January, 2017

After stealing her stepmom’s credit card and running away, Anna is a bit of a lost girl living with her older sister in Los Angeles. In the weeks she is allotted to stay in LA, Anna splits her time between TV sets with cute B-list actors, and finding ways to earn the money needed to pay her stepmom back by researching all she can about the Manson girls. Through many mishaps and adventures, Anna discovers some important truths about her sister’s new life and tries to learn how to live her own.

I thought that this was a very cute, quick read. While I was expecting more to happen, and didn’t always like some of the things that did, overall I enjoyed this book. I loved the relationship portrayed between the two sisters, and the development of both characters and their relationship was well written and, coming from someone with an older sister, accurate. I especially liked the small budding romance that had an ending that made me wish there was much more. The only thing I disliked about the book was that it felt like Anna was making a much bigger deal out of the fallout she had with her parents than she should have, because the entire time she talked about “the horrible thing they did to me”, it sounded so much worse than the situation she eventually described. The ending was also fairly open, and I felt that there should have been more conflict resolution between Anna and her parents. I would rate this book a 7/10, and would not go out of my way to recommend it to others.