Welcome to the BookBar blog, where we put immortalize our thoughts by sending them up to that big e-cloud in the sky, but only doing it while peering through the glass of wine that stands between us and the computer. Previously, this blog was impossible as none of us were capable of typing with just one hand, but a brilliant employee pitched the idea of a bendy straw for our wine glass (yes, we all share one big wine glass and collectively sit around one computer and blog together), thus birthing a new era of productivity.

Here, you’ll find all BookBar related things worth mentioning – events, book reviews, cover reviews, kid’s stuff, bar stuff, book stuff–you name it. If you’re not sure what to do this weekend, be sure to stop by our blog and we’ll give you a few ideas. If you fancy yourself a book snob and have a free Tuesday night, come by for our literary trivia and we’ll humble you free of charge. If you’ve got a kid(s), bring them by and we’ll tell them a story while we serve you Practically Free™ wine. No bendy straws though, sorry. And do you know it’s scientifically proven that alcohol increases productivity? Or that being around books makes you smarter? If you are aware of any studies supporting this claim, please share it with us as it could be a great marketing tool.