New Hours and Operations January 4th

We’ve decided to approach 2021 like Punxsutawney Phil and not just because every day seems like every other day lately. We feel conflicted by the current statistics that are showing Colorado is heading in the right direction with Covid cases and hospitalizations and the fact that a new, more contagious strain has been detected in this state and others across the U.S. Just coming off the holidays when too many people traveled and gathered, combined with a slower than anticipated vaccine roll-out, we’re listening to the experts who say that the worst is still yet to come, urging Americans to prepare for the darkest couple of months yet.

It was so great to see many of you back in the store these last couple of months. We almost felt like our old selves again. There are few things better than being in a bookstore, casually browsing the stacks. We’ll be able to offer this again in the Spring, but until then, we are making a choice to be proactive and as safe as possible. We are fortunate that we have so many alternative options to get books to you – online shopping, shipping to your home, local BookBike Mike delivery, and curbside shopping & pickup. If you already had a reservation for browsing after January 4th, we will honor those reservations. Otherwise, we’re here for you online, at our curbside window and zipping around the neighborhood on BookBike Mike. Please stay safe until we can welcome you back in the store!