Raising Readers

By Marilyn Robbins

Raising a reader is one of the most important gifts you can give your child.  Learning to read is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work for several years for any child to master reading independently.  Educators can teach students to read, but the love of reading is learned at home. And, it’s important to get a jump on the process before kindergarten begins.


My child can sing the ABC song.  What else do I need to do?

There is plenty!  Children need to have over one thousand books read aloud to them before they can even begin to understand how to read.  There are foundational skills that can presented in a fun-game type atmosphere instead of the dreadful drill and kill.

And, did you even know that writing is an integral part of reading?


Come spend 3 evenings with Marilyn and learn how to begin raising your child into a reader. The sessions will include a copy of the book How to Raise a Reader.  This is a wonderful resource by the editors of The New York Times Book Review, Pamela Paul and Maria Russo and both includes information on reading stages from birth through the teenage years and hundreds of book recommendations for your child.  The book is easy to read for busy parents and will continue to give a wealth of tips as it grows with your children. 

The first night we will concentrate on reading aloud to your children and gently introducing concept of print skills and comprehension questions.  The second session will focus on reading readiness and the benchmarks kindergarten teachers are looking for when your child enters school. The third night will concentrate on writing and fine motor skills.  Strengthening fine motor is essential for all future successes.

Marilyn is a retired elementary teacher.  She has taught over 33 years in Adams 12 Five Star Schools with over 25 years in kindergarten.  Marilyn has also lead numerous professional development classes for teachers. She now splits her time between BookBar and her granddaughter, reading to the youngest children and helping them all discover the joy of reading.

Our Raising Readers Series is a ticketed event: Click here for tickets.

Session Dates & Topics:

September 10, 1st Session: Reading Aloud To Your Child
September 17, 2nd Session: Helping Your Child Succeed With The Skills of Reading
September 24, 3rd Session: Writing And Fine Motor Skills For Your Child

Pricing & Details:

$25 per session
$50 for all 3 sessions
$10 for an add-on ticket (same household)
Ticket includes one drink and a copy of the book How to Raise a Reader.
15% off book purchases the night of the session for attendees.

(Adults Only)