Fight Book Club

Denver, CO. April 1, 2019 – For Immediate Release –

In an effort to expand literary programming for everyone, BookBar announces our newest book discussion group Fight Book Club.  Think fight club for book clubs. As interest in martial arts, mixed martial arts, and book clubs continue to grow across the country, BookBar owner, Nicole Sullivan, thinks this concept is a ‘no-brainer.’ She explains that book clubs have been around for decades or longer and they often get pretty lively. “It just makes sense to provide a space where people can get out their book discussion frustrations in a physical but safe way, in a community environment,” says Sullivan, who suspects this will be a winning combination that will grow into one of their most popular recurring events.

BookBar aims to be the first independent bookstore to combine these two, at first glance, divergent pastimes. “We can’t speak for the chain booksellers. We do have every reason to believe that Amazon brick and mortar stores, particularly their 4 Star locations, have been hosting Fight Book Clubs on a regular basis for some time. But as far as we know, no other indies are taking this on. Of course, it is impossible to know since the first rule of fight book club is… you never talk about fight book club,” explains Manager, Erin Mazza, with a wink. Sources do tell us that Jeff Bezos uses concealer to cover up various cuts and bruises before media appearances.  But the source explains: “yeah, he’s probably not fighting about books as he’s never been known to be much of a reader. He’s just taken this concept to the boardroom where fisticuffs break out during heated discussions on how best to avoid paying any kind of taxes.”

Fight Book Club meetings & bouts will be held in BookBar’s basement in order to avoid inflicting any damage to store inventory, fixtures, or other guests. “We understand that not all of our patrons feel the need to clock someone in the face if they claim that Sense & Sensibility is the best Jane Austen book when everyone knows it is Pride & Prejudice. EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!!!  But some of our guests do appreciate having that option when the situation presents itself” says Abbey Paxton, the store’s buyer.

Clubs can reserve the space ahead of time but walk-ins are also welcome if the ring is available. BookBar staff will also be instructed to tap in any clubs who are becoming agitated over their monthly chosen book topic. Staff are trained to watch for signs of escalation: rising voices, red faces, wild gesticulations toward a book, and frantic sketching of story arcs. The staff member will tap these club members on the shoulder and asked to follow them down to the ring. In fact, that is how Sullivan came up with this idea. “We had a fight break out on the patio over Infinite Jest. It wasn’t about the book, exactly. One club member strongly suggested that this title be their next pick for discussion the following month. The rest of the club kinda lost it and before you knew it – it was literary mayhem. And I thought hmmm…  I see an opportunity here.” Sullivan sees this as filling a need in the community. “There are not many places where you can go and just have it out over a book in this way.”

The basement will retain the same look and feel as the bookstore and the regular menu will be served, but in shatterproof dishes. The coffee will be necessarily lukewarm. Clubs can have their meetings and bouts catered as well, just like upstairs. There is, however, a strict ‘no food or beverage in the ring’ rule.

In addition to hosting Fight Book Clubs, BookBar will also host a monthly store meeting & bout called FightClub BookClub. Sign up

You can also visit ReadTribe to find another Fight Book Club or start your own!