BookBar Review: Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

Review by Becky LeJune


When Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings released, I dare say I wasn’t the only one surprised by the fact that the supermodel was a serious foodie. Sure, those who followed her online (and she has a massive following) were aware, but I know I wasn’t alone in learning it for the first time thanks to the book. And it got rave reviews!


So when news of her new cookbook, Cravings: Hungry For More, hit, I knew I had to get my hands on a copy.


The great thing about Teigen’s cookbooks is that they’re approachable. The recipes are appealing without being overly complicated or snooty and Teigen sells herself the same way. The book isn’t just a cookbook, it’s a look inside her world through the food she cooks for her family. What could be more appealing than that?


If you’re looking for light fare or food you won’t feel guilty about, this is probably not the book for you. Though I have to say I haven’t felt an ounce of guilt about making or enjoying any of the dishes included!


There are some lighter dishes but for the most part Teigen turns her eye to hearty and homey rib sticking recipes like Shake & Bake Chicken with Hot Honey and Thai Soy—Garlic Fried Ribs. A lot of the dishes feature a welcome Asian twist, even her French Onion Soup has soy sauce as it’s secret ingredient.


Whether you’re craving a Cool Ranch Taco Salad with homemade French dressing for a laid back lunch, Bacony Clam Chowder for a warming winter meal, or Steak Diane with Crispy Onions for a night in with someone special, Cravings: Hungry For More has something for you.


If you enjoy unpretentious and tasty food, this is definitely a must have!