October 2017 Wrap Up!


Title: The Sidekicks

Author: Will Kostakis

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Release Date: October, 2017

After their friend Issac died, Ryan, Harley, and Miles don’t know what to do. They are all deeply wounded, and know that each was Issac’s friend. Yet they are all vastly different. Ryan is a swimmer, and holds the secret of his sexuality close at heart. Harley is a rebel, always slipping under the radar. And Miles, is a nerd, finding home within writing essays. Somehow, while each coping with their losses, they befriend each other, and realize there more be tying them together, then their former friend.
This book was layered not only with the power of friendship, but written so elegantly, as it gracefully honored the characters. Written in three parts, one for each character, the impact of one boy on three of his friends is dictated. I loved this book, because it clearly showed how the loss of a friend impacted the three boys. It showed flashbacks that aided in piecing together everything, and was overall really sweet. It hit me in the heart, in all the right places, and further helped me reflect on the impact of such a loss. I would highly recommend it, but for ages 13 and up.
Title: The Princess Imposter
Author: Vivian Vande Velde
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Release Date: October, 2017
This is a book about a fairy named Phleg who switched places with PrincessGabriella while Gabriella was sleeping. Phleg had so many brothers and sisters she thought life as a princess would be easier. Little did Phleg know how hard it would be to be a princess. For example, a servant dresses you and you have to know your way around a castle with so many doors. Gabriella had no idea what chores Phleg did in her old, dusty house and didn’t want to sleep with so many brothers and sisters. Will PrincessGabriella get back home to her castle and will Phleg get back home to her old dusty house?
I like that Princess Gabriella always thinks she will get back home the next day.
I recommend this book to ages8-12, grades 3 rd-7th.
51JAb6GebrLTitle: A Very, Very Bad Thing
Author: Jeffery Self
Publisher: Push
Release Date: October, 2017
As one of the only openly gay kids in his small North Carolina town, Marley feels like he could never make a difference. But when he meets Christopher, the gay son of a redounded internet pastor, his life changes. Chris and Marley finally both feel happy. But only after a few short months, an insurmountable barrier is thrown between the two. Marley finds himself lying, believing that if he lies he can do Christopher justice. What comes after is fame, more lies, and the question of “How did I get here?”
From writer, actor, and you-tuber, Jeffery Self, comes another short, sweet, succinct, novel. This read was very quick, less than 230 pages. Written in a NowThen format it displayed the regret of the present, and all the remorse from the past. I loved the development of all the characters and felt connected to all of them. I would definitely keep it on my shelf, and recommend it for ages 13-15.
61UOx02wSGLTitle: The Whiz Mob and the Grenadine Kid
Author: Colin Meloy
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Release Date: October, 2017
In the first of another thrilling series by Colin Meloy, this book views social status and what lays behind the nature of pickpockets. Charlie Fisher is the son of an American diplomat. During one average morning in a busy square he witnesses something amazing. The well-oiled plan, and grace of an amazing robbery, pulled off by none other than young bandits his age. Soon he is pulled into their world, becoming a cannon, and striving to learn all he can with his “new friends.” But what seemed harmless, soon turns to something much more dangerous that threatens Charlies ‘s whole existence.
This book, much different than Meloy’s Wildwood chronicles but equal amazing, was definitely a page turner. Set in Paris it creativity juxtaposed the rich and poor, and what lies behind “pointless” pick-potting. I was extremely pleased with the craft, and cannot wait for a sequel to this new series. I would recommend it for ages 9-12.