Griffin – Following Baxter

51aLrgUK7gLTitle: Following Baxter

Author: Barbara Kerley

Publisher: HarperCollins

Publication Date: April, 2018

Have you ever wondered what Miss Frizzle does when she heads home after her Magic School Bus field trips? In “Following Baxter,” we don’t have to imagine. Although this book is NOT actually about the Frizz, fans of science adventures will enjoy this story. It starts when 11-year-old Jordie gets an unusual new neighbor. She’s excited because Professor Reese is a scientist with a laboratory in her basement full of tools and intriguing devices. Even better, Professor Reese has a dog! Jordie would do anything to have a dog. She and her brother, TJ, offer to start walking Baxter for Professor Reese and quickly become entangled in their neighbor’s odd experiments. Curious things keep happening, like when the professor loses her red hat outside, even though she has been inside her house all day. Somehow Baxter always knows where to look for the hat, at least until he gets an ear infection. Soon after, Professor Reese goes missing. It’s up to Jordie and TJ to find their friend before time runs out. I’d recommend this book to anyone who has ever wanted to invent a teleporter. It would be great for anyone who likes dogs, adventure stories or semi-science-ish books.