Lillian- The Dazzling Heights

51CYxERgxnLTitle: The Dazzling Heights
Author:Katharine McGee
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: August, 2017
This book was action packed with mystery, betrayal, and an ever twisting plot. With characters coping with forbidden romance, blackmail, nightmares, regret, and so much more, the stories from floor 32-1000 were action packed. From Leda who is haunted by nightmares of the worst day of her life, Watt who has been hired as her hacker under the regret of his deepest secret, Rylin who’s life is transformed when she receives a scholarship to the most elite high school in the Tower but who is forced to face her nebulous past, Avery and her adopted brother Atlas’s forbidden, but hidden love, to the burden of secrets of the all mysterious Calliope. No one in the tower is safe, after all these heights lead to only one step away from falling.
This book, set in New York in 2118, was thrilling. The plot was unpredictable and kept you guessing. I was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful development of the numerous characters. They were all so well crafted with such devastating pasts that really helped you stand in there shoes. This world of 1000 floors also really demonstrated the social structure, of not only the fantasy world but also modern day. I’m really hoping for another book. I believe that the The Thousandth Floor is the prequel to this book, but The Dazzling Heights can stand alone. I have not read the Thousandth Floor but based on the amazing plot of this book I will be looking for it. I would definitely re-read this book again, and recommend it for 13 up.