Fly to the Rescue – Jaya & Ela

51LjMvppAsLTitle: Fly to the Rescue! (Tiny Geniuses #1)
Author: Megan Bryant
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Release Date: July 31, 2018
You should read this book because it is about 2 famous people, Amelia Earhart and Sir Isaac Newton, who help Jake think of his science fair project which is due in a week and he had not even started it. Behind the school is an old wishing well that no one used because you had to throw in something special to you and then make your wish. Jake threw in his action figures of famous people and wished for help on his science fair project. His wish came true! Sir Isaac Newton arrives first and does huge science projects in Jake’s room. But Jake needs a second person to help and Amelia Earhart arrives to help with the project. They work together to build an airplane for the project. Will Jake win first, second, or third place in the science fair? Read this book to find out.
Kids who like science will like this book.
I recommend this book to ages 7-10, grades 2nd– 5th.
I thought the book was good because the two famous pocket geniuses work together. I think you chose the right ones because they go together. One knew gravity and the other worked with planes. I like how you put Jake in 2 nd place because when the characters go in first it seems a little to happy and it’s boring. But when they get second place it make me feel happy but not too happy. If you were to write another book I would choose Marie Curie as your scientist because she made a medicine to help cure cancer.