The Poet X: A Book to Read and Re-Read

The Poet X
Elizabeth Acevedo

Reviewed by Lillian


Too big for her body, unable to believe in her family’s faith, and struggling to be heard, Xiomara Batista finds an outlet in poetry. She has learned to use her fists and attitude to speak for her; no one would expect this rock to pour her soul and lifelong frustration onto the pages of a single notebook. She understands that no one can ever read these, but when a Slam Poetry Club starts at her school she can’t say no. Although her poems are private, they contain a moving power, and Xiomara won’t stay silent.
Written in verse, the properties of this book contained deep insight about finding yourself. I found similarities with Xiomara as I love Slam Poetry and writing. This book was really deep, and contained heavy topics. However I really enjoyed the flow of the poems, and importance on the power of words.

100 out of 10, this book was moving, powerful, and definitely a book I would frequently re-read. I would recommend it for ages 13 and up.