Puppy Princess Party Time – Jaya & Mollie

Title: Puppy Princess Party Time
Author: Patty Furlington
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Release Date: May 29, 2018
This is an amazing book. There was a lot of adventure when Puppy Princess Rose dug a tunnel under the fence surrounding the palace. She dug a tunnel because she heard a story about her father digging a tunnel. She adventured into a forest and rescued a kitten named Cleo. They became best friends. In the forest they met and helped lots of friends such as Melody, Elsie, and Charlie. Then, Rose and Cleo get lost in the forest. Rose is worried because the party at the palace was starting soon. She and Cleo made it back safely with the help of their new friends. And Cleo became Roses new lady in waiting.   
If you like adventures then this is the book for you.     
I recommend this book to ages 7-10, grades 2nd– 5th.
This book is about a Puppy Princess named Rosie who wants to
make friends but can’t leave the castle grounds. Then one day she digs a
hole and finds herself on the other side of the castle wall! Most of the story
takes place in the forest where she helps the other animals.
I liked it because you wonder if Rosie is going to make any friends.
When she does find her friend Cleo, Rosie and Cleo go on a really cool
adventure that I wanted to be on. It is a very friendly story with no evil
people. Rosie and her new friend Cleo help people on their adventure.
I think think this book is for people who like puppies or princesses.