Jacqueline & Alex – Ink

91g0C0WrbNL.jpgTitle: Ink

Author: Alice Broadway

Publisher: Scholastic Press

Release Date: February 2, 2018


The book Ink is a book about a girl named Leora who lives in a world where they tattoo everything important on your body. In the beginning of the book, Leora’s dad dies and she and her mom are the only ones left in the house. Leora has just started working as an inker and her friend Verity who works for the government. In Leora’s town, the people without markings are called the Blanks and have a different opinion on inking someone’s body.

In this book, Leora learns that the ink on someone’s body does not matter as much as the memories left behind. In this book, my favorite character is probably Verity because she is so kind and supportive of Leora and helps her when she needs it the most. The plot of this book always wants you to keep reading and it is hard to find a place to stop. I cared so much about Leora, the protagonist, so much because the author made you feel like you really knew her likes and dislikes and what her opinion was on everything.

I really liked this book and would give it a 9/10 only because the end was a little bit confusing but overall a good book. I would recommend this book to readers 12 and up and to readers who like cliffhangers and a confusing plot line.


Alice Broadway’s novel Ink follows the story of Leora, a young girl who lives
in the town of Sainstone, a place with a unique tradition. Every achievement and
every crime you do are all immortalized on your skin by means of a tattoo. After you
die, you are flayed and your pieces of skin with tattoos on them are made into a
When Leora’s father dies, she finds a wonderful story in his skin book. But
when she finds out about a horribly shameful mark that for some reason was not in
her father’s book, chaos ensues. As Leora and her friends Verity and Oscar struggle
to save Leora’s father’s story before it is gone, stunning and shocking secrets are
discovered along the way.
Ink brings up an interesting moral question. It is important for our pasts to
be known, but should we have to have it displayed on our skin? Are the group
known as the “blanks” really evil since they are different? And can people who share
everything about their life on their skin live alongside people who share nothing?