Lillian- I Felt a Funeral In My Brain

511305l1qWLTitle: I Felt A Funeral In My Brian

Author: Will Walton

Publisher: Push

Release Date: May 29, 2018

This novel deals with heavy topics, but is an amazing read. The main character, Avery, struggles with the absence of his alcoholic mother, some like she would, and some his own ways. Though he grieves, drinks, kisses his best friend, and lashes out, Avery begins to find home in the poems that he writes.
This book was written in a very interesting format. It switched between prose and verse, which was very confusing at times, because the prose was very poetic. However it was interesting to see how the author described the story (through pros) versus how the character described the story (verse). Overall I really liked the book, but it did deal with some heavy topics, like alcohol, LGBTQ+ issues, as well as abandonment and hints of abuse. I would recommend it for ages 13 up.