Announcing 1st Annual Burning Book Festival


Burning Book

A city in the far-flung suburbs. A culture of literacy. A network of readers and introverts

Festivals are all the rage today and literary festivals are certainly no exception. BookBar is excited to announce the first annual Burning Book festival kicking off in Spring 2019. Think Burning Man where we will most decidedly NOT be burning books but, rather, celebrating books that have been burned, banned, challenged and shunned. We will be leasing a large parcel of land off of a service road near Denver International Airport to erect a temporary book city where literary pilgrims from across the world will converge to pay homage to the book. Nearly anything goes at Burning Book (except for book burning). In the spirit of Burning Man, a multi-day cultural experience will bring literature to life. Bring your literary art, costumes, re-enact scenes from banned and/or challenged books in order to keep the authors’ visions alive. Like its namesake, Burning Man, this event will be guided by The 10 Principles:

  • Radical Inclusion. No one reads alone.

  • Gifting. Bring plenty of books to share.

  • Decommodification. Like a large scale Little Free Library.

  • Radical Self-Reliance. O.k. Everyone does read alone sometimes.

  • Radical Self-Expression. BE Nathaniel Hawthorne. No, like really be him.

  • Communal Effort. Read to one another and all together at the same time.

  • Civic Responsibility. The second thing and also read to those who can’t.

  • Leaving No Trace. Don’t go leaving your books lying around and don’t disturb the prairie dogs. No they don’t like wearing hats.

  • Participation. Don’t think you can just sit by and watch The Grapes of Wrath flash mob.

  • Immediacy. Always, always have a book on hand and a poem in your heart.

This multi-day event will conclude with a thorough water drenching of a giant book man so that it may never burn. Join us. Be a non-burner!