Beers and BookBar

They say Colorado loves its beer. This shouldn’t surprise anyone living around here, but it’s pretty interesting when you start to measure the depth of that “love”. You might be surprised to learn that Colorado actually ranks (according to the Brewers Association) only third in breweries per capita, but even more surprising is that Vermont ranks first, needing only 50 breweries in their state to sit on top. That gives them 10.8 breweries per 100,000 of-age people living there. Colorado still manages a respectable 8.4 on that scale, so we’re doing alright. The easiest way to quantify Colorado’s love of beer however, is to add in the simplest number: how many craft breweries does Colorado have compared with other states? You might be surprised again to learn Colorado is only number two on this list, being beaten out by California which has 632 craft breweries. But Colorado has 332. California has roughly twice as many breweries, but roughly 8 times the population. Colorado loves its beer.


To illustrate the sheer breadth of options here, I decided to grab every tap handle we regularly use and take a nice artsy picture of them all. That didn’t happen. What you see above is the number of handles that I determined wouldn’t be a hassle to get a nice picture of. What you can’t see is me standing on a chair and holding my phone out as far as possible to avoid my feet being in the pic.


Bonus pic of them in their box. 

It’s hard to appreciate just how spoiled we are here in Denver. Frankly, getting great beer to sell in our store is about as easy as saying yes to the sales reps when they come in. We’re all living in the beer Promised Land where you never really ask what’s good, but simply what you prefer in the moment. Drink to your heart’s content, and try really hard not to think of all the calories.

Oh and one more thing: here at BookBar, we invented the novel concept of drinking a beer and reading book at the same time. If you’d like to take our fresh new concept for a spin sometime, stop by and we’ll strap you into one of our state-of-the-art “BeerRead” (patent and title pending) chairs and you can experience the raw intensity of reading while drinking.