Stalking Jack the Ripper and Hunting Prince Dracula – Emma

Title: Stalking Jack the Ripperstalking-jack-the-ripper
Author: Kerri Maniscalco
Publisher: JIMMY Patterson Books

Release Date: September 2016

A serial killer who rips prostitutes to shreds in London’s Whitechapel neighborhood. A highborn Victorian young lady secretly apprenticing in the science of forensics. Both worlds clash in Kerri Maniscalco’s masterpiece, Stalking Jak the Ripper.Audrey Rose is determined to learn all she can about death after her mother’s own fatal bout of scarlet fever. Soon, however, she is drawn deep into the dangerous and violent case of the Leather Apron, or Jack the Ripper (So unladylike!). Little does she know that this will cut much closer to the bone than she ever thought was possible. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t stop the Ripper from killing again. But can Audrey Rose?

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I don’t know what to call it. Perhaps love at first page? Kerri Maniscalco uses historical accuracies and rich details to create this beutiful yet horrifying tale. Audrey Rose has to be my favorite character. She was really strong, intelligent, curious, and I felt like I could relate to her with my interest in forensics. This book kept me up all night, either reading, scared to death, or both. Once gain, Stalking Jack the Ripper was AMAZING!

          I would recommend this book for ages 14+, as it is the scariest book I have ever read. On a scale of 5, I give this a definite 50/5. Filled with murder, postmortems, asylums, and bloody bolts, Kerri Maniscalco’s masterpiece will terrify you to the very end. Only those who dare will put down the comb and pick up the bone saw.

Title: Hunting Prince Dracula

Author: Kerri Maniscalco

Publisher: JIMMY Patterson Books

Release Date: September 2017


Bone white, blood red. Here lies
Something long dead.
Tree of death and heart of stone. Never
Enter the crypt alone.
If you do, he’ll mark your tracks, hunt
You down and then attack.
Bone white, blood red. There lie those
Who should have fled…
Audrey Rose hasn’t been the same since the Jack the Ripper case. Ever since, she has been terrified of shadows, her imagination constantly drifting into the darkest corners of her mind. But that doesn’t stop her from traveling with her friend Thomas Cresswell to the Institului National de Criminalistica si Medicina Legala, or the Academy of Forensic Medicine and Science in Romania. Situated in Bran Castle, the gloomy abode of the now-dead Romanian king Vlad III Dracula, also known as Vlad the Impaler or Son of the Dragon. But as soon as they arrive, the murders begin. A man is impaled with a stake through the heart. Another is found drained of all his blood. Many think it is Vlad himself, returned from the dead to wreak havoc among his people once again. But Audrey Rose doesn’t believe that. But what the truth holds in store for her is even more terrifying than any legend can imagine.
To say one thing about this book, it chilled me to the bone. Kerri Maniscalco’s masterful descriptions sweep the reader right into underground tunnel systems, empty morgues, abandoned houses, or the cold Romanian forest outside of Bran Castle. The plot is gripping, and filled with twists and turns. Surprisingly, it is less gory than Stalking Jack the Ripper, but much more, ahem, bloody. Trust me, this book will NOT disappoint you!
I would recommend this book for ages 14+, as it is literally very bloody. On a scale of 10, I give this book a 10. Filled with hidden passageways, wolf-ridden forests, immortal princes, and mysterious dragons, this book will take you and pull you into hidden worlds deep underneath the floor of Bran Castle. So pick up your scalpels and prepare your bone saws, because you might need them on this treacherous ride.