Dogs (and cat) of BookBar!

Do you love dogs? Yes, you do. How about a cat? If not, focus on the dogs. Nearly every person on our staff has at least one pet and it’s time they had the spotlight for a change. Besides, we all know that behind every hourly employee is a pet whose affection is the sustenance someone barely above the poverty line demands. Really though, we as humans need an outlet for our monthly baby-talk quota, but who wants all that work?

Anyhow, here’s the Bookbar pet armada in all it’s glory!


Harlowe Pistachio Mazza is the fluffiest thing you’ll ever see. She’s a firm believer in stranger danger, she loves her squeaky orange ball, new toys, walks, and isn’t sure how she feels about water. Harlowe loves to sit on heads, is pretty clumsy and often falls off the bed. She’s just over a year old.






This is Bella. She like naps and walks and watching Friends.







Sharky does not like noise, movement, or human life until she realizes that it can occasionally supply a delightful butt rub. Among other things she enjoys finding kibble, sitting on friends, walks around sloan’s lake, and providing aggressive wake up and intruder alarms. She’s a ham.





after a hard day's work .JPGMoose works hard and plays even harder. He’s always on the lookout for hot singles. Sometimes, gets a little humpy. His preferred sleep spot is under the bed, with just his butt poking out.




Jake the Dog: Strong, stoic, and sensible. Jake likes long swims in the lake, wrestling over a frisbee, and feasting on the hearts of his enemies.
Cooper: Cuddly, wiggly, and protective. You can find him bounding through tall grass, cozying up to watch a movie, or scaring the begeezus out of anyone foolish enough to approach his kingdom. Cooper enjoys food, scratches, and ferocious battles of tug-a-war.





The first line of Nancy’s biography must state her abiding love for chicken above all things.  Nancy Drew Sinatra Regan Boyce is all kinds of dogs and animal spirits wrapped into one lumpy boo.  When not barking at the squirrels of Colorado, she enjoys sunshine, laps and more chicken.





Melvin is a huge dandy. He loves to make eye contact and put his mouth on your arm.







Cullen, a West Highland West Terrier, was born into the life of retirement!  Born on Halloween, Culley is named after the Cullen family of vampires in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series.  He will be 2 years old next month.  He loves long rides in the car with top down, a good bone to munch on, and a cozy lap to sleep on.



Ninko loves books! Mostly, she loves chewing on them. But when she’s not gnawing the corners, she’s a big fan of YA and Sci Fi. She’s also a huge fan of bookish podcasts and gets all her new chew toy recommendations there. (She secretly thinks she’s a dog.)
Moose is a 10 year old Airedale. He enjoys naps, short walks in between naps, and chasing geese. Also responds to Moosie Boy, Fluff Butt, and anything that rhymes with the word “walk”.
 As you adore our adorable allies, consider sharing yours with us as well!