Sandhya Menon is Coming to BookBar and the BookWorms Are in Love

So you’ve probably heard that Sandhya Menon is coming to BookBar on August 20th at 4 PM, right?


I, Emma the BookWorm, a young woman who refuses to do anything but hide in her room and read stories about Jack the Ripper while drinking tea, a girl who has only ever read two romances in her entire life (three if you count The Scarlet Letter) declare that a romantic comedy was an excellent read.

We BookWorms are personally very excited for her visit, and we hope you are, too. But do you know what her book is about? If not, then let us fill you in.

When Dimple Met Rishi features  an Indian-American girl, Dimple Shah, and an Indian-American boy, Rishi Patel, who are going to a coding competition in San Francisco for recent high-school grads. But it’s not just that. Their parents have, um, decided that these two should get married. Rishi, of course, knew about the whole thing. I mean, that’s why he was going to this coding thing right? To woo his future wife, Dimple. Unfortunately for Rishi, Dimple had no idea that she was going to be wooed by someone who her parents wanted her to marry. She thought that she was just going to this AMAZING coding conference to follow her passion and kick some serious butt. But instead, here she was, getting sucked into her parents’ traditionalist attitudes once again. But as the book goes on, you know what happens.

They fall in love, of course!!!!!

Oh, romances. You gotta love ‘em (pun totally intended).

Trust me, When Dimple Met Rishi was enchanting! And we are soooooooooooooo excited to meet the author!!!

Carpe Librum!!

– by Emma the BookWorm