Don those Decrypter Caps for a Live Book Scavenger Hunt with Jennifer Chambliss-Bertman & Smiley Library

Celebrate the end of summer reading with a good old fashioned BOOK CAPER at BookBar and Smiley Library on Friday, August 4 at 5 PM with acclaimed middle-grade author, Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, of the adventuresome Book Scavenger.

School is just around the corner and young  readers in Northwest Denver have been hard at work and earning prizes from BookBar by filling out their “Reading Without Walls” bingo cards and from Smiley Library’s Summer of Adventure Denver Public Library reading challenges. Before it’s back-to-class time, meet at BookBar to claim reading prizes and hear from Jennifer about her sequel The Unbreakable Code before heading down Tennyson St. on our own BOOK SCAVENGER HUNT and ending up at Smiley Library’s Ice Cream Social featuring Little Man Ice Cream, Koffi Tobo Vibe and Jennifer Chambliss-Bertman.

Read more about The Unbreakable Code from our BookBar BookWorm, Griffin!


The Unbreakable Code is a worthy sequel to Book Scavenger. Emily and James are back with all-new ciphers and codes to decrypt.  This time, they’re working on the unbreakable code, a code that has been a mystery for centuries. Some say the code will lead to an incredible treasure. But Emily and James are more interested in breaking the code for the sake of being the ones to do it. If there is a treasure, that would be nice, especially with growing concerns about family financial trouble, but the real treasure for them is solving the code.

Mr. Quisling, the kids’ teacher, is also back, this time with a more significant role. First, he unknowingly alerts Emily and James to the existence of the unbreakable code. Then, as their investigation proceeds, they can’t ignore the fact that he could be an arsonist who has been setting fires around downtown San Francisco, where the story is set. They are sure he is up to something, but they don’t know what.

I liked that The Unbreakable Code was a little different from Book Scavenger because the in-book puzzles to solve were more prominent and because the story was told from multiple perspectives. Most of the time it would be Emily’s perspective, but sometimes it would be from the perspective of the arsonist, a mysterious character known as “The Phoenix.”

This was a really exciting book. I enjoyed reading it. It made me feel like you could never predict what was coming on the next page.


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