Lillian: Romancing the Throne

RomancingTheThroneBookTitle: Romancing the Throne

Author: Nadine Jolie Courtney

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Release Date: May 30, 2017


Libby and Charlotte Weston, after climbing from middle-class England to among the new money in England, when their mom’s business rocketed, are now  climbing the social structure at their boarding school, Sussex Park.

Charlotte, already hanging with Britain’s young elites (that include the heir to the British throne, Prince Edward) makes a goal of bringing Libby into her circle of friends when Libby transfers. However when charming Prince Edward steals both the sisters hearts it’s a massive conflict that can only end with one satisfied sister.

This romance was captivating and I enjoyed it. The wondrous story of falling in love, but then the more powerful bond of sisterhood shone through. I thought that it was extremely unrealistic to actually happen and was less of a realistic novel than a fantasy, but nonetheless I enjoyed it.

I would recommend it for ages 13 and up.