Lillian- Who’s That Girl

whos that girlTitle: Who’s That Girl
Author: Blair Thorburgh
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: July, 2017
Natalie McCullough hears pop songs on the radio all the time. She’s more of a Joni Mitchell person, but that’s okay. She never thought that she would be part of a pop song, but when a former classmate of hers comes back to town with a band called the Young Lungs, and a new hit single “Natalie.” she starts to wonder. Nothing in the song lyrics ever happened, and the only real encounter she and the lead singer, Sebastian Delacroix, had was a brief “romantic” talk the past year. However the songs popularity skyrockets and everyone is left wondering: Who is the real Natalie? As Natalie becomes wrapped up in what the song really means, she is determined to find out what Sebastian Delacroix meant by this strange, one-hit wonder. This novel was extremely interesting, and gave you a fresh  perspective on going from nobody to the top of the charts. I would highly recommend, and rate it for ages 12 and up.