Len Vlahos’ Visit to BookWorm!


As an aspiring young writer, getting a chance to meet authors and learn their writing tips is to me the best way to help me better my writing style (other than actually writing). The Bookworms had a chance to meet Len Vlahos (author of Life in a Fishbowl, The Scar Boys, and Scar Girl) at the March meeting to chat and ask questions. Len told us about his newest novel, Life in a Fishbowl, a story about a dying man who sells his life on E-Bay to help support his family, and the adventures the family has in dealing with his impending death. He also talked to us about how to find your voice as a young writer, and referenced Stephen King’s book, On Writing (which I am now starting to hear about everywhere I go).  Len told us about his own adventures in writing The Scar Boys and Life in a Fishbowl and how he got the inspiration for each book. We also had Len’s agent visit as well, and they both gave us good information for finding a literary agent. Overall, I loved having Len Vlahos visit the Bookworms, and I hope to meet more authors in the future!

-☺mar M.