BookBar Expands Its Hybrid Business Model

For nearly four years now, BookBar has become an example of success in the new era of book selling. This book and bar model is spreading throughout communities around the country.  People often ask us when we plan to franchise but we have no plans for more ‘BookBars’ because this model is so dependent upon the communities in which each business exists. Every bookstore bar is such a mirror of its customers, staff and demographics that to franchise would remove the magic and personality.  

What we will be growing, however, is the whole idea of  a hybrid business model itself.  Sure books, bars, and cafes are the perfect marriage as are so many other products and services.  That is why, looking ahead into 2017 and beyond, the owners and management of BookBar will be developing various hybrid businesses.  Our philosophy is that two is better than one.  Here are just a few of the concepts we will be rolling out in a neighborhood near you

Power Pets

It is estimated that there are nearly 60 million gym members in the U.S.  Nearly all of those members undoubtedly like animals, we are power pets.jpgguessing.  We know how hard it is to get motivated to actually go to the gym.  How much more likely would you be to get in your morning workout if you could squat with puppies, lift with kittens, sprint with bunnies?  We introduce the world’s first gym pet shop.  Attain your goals and you can pet the pets.  You may even find a new, fluffy running partner and a loving animal may find a new, fit forever home.

Car Kid Care

Juggle one less task in your life.  Now you can drop off your children and your car in one easy stop while you get on with other errands.  Our certified mechanic, childcare technicians will not only care for your child and repair your car, but will Kid mechanic.jpgalso teach your child basic car repair techniques.  In addition to singing songs, playing games, and other early learning activities, children can also turn wrenches, drain oil, and check fluids.  Children go crazy for cars. Now they can turn that passion into practical, hands on learning while being in good hands.  All of our technician caregivers are ASE certified, and CPR trained to give both your car and child the best care around.


The most recent beauty trends use natural approaches to haircare and styling. Today’s products utilize botanicals, minerals, and other natural ingredients.  Why not take your beauty regiment to the very topiary hair.jpgsource and to those who know nature best?  We’ve created a hair salon garden center where ingredients for our products are taken directly from the soil, lightly processed, and applied on site. No factories, no plastic bottles, no supermarket shelves.  Our certified Horticulture Estheticians are on hand to help you with product selection and application techniques.  Make an appointment for a topiary-worthy cut and color that will wow your friends and colleagues.


Please stay tuned as we continue to develop other hybrid business concepts designed to make lives more dynamic and convenient while creating diversity in retail and service based industries. If you would like to inquire about an opportunity for any of the concepts listed above or to learn more about the others we are developing, you can contact us at