Lillian- Radio Silence

radio silence.jpgTitle: Radio Silence
Author: Alice Oseman
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: March, 2017
Frances Janiver has one main goal that everyone sees. She’s the smartest girl in her class, and spends most of her time studying. All she wants is to go to University right? But Frances has a secret that not many know. Sure she wants to go to university, but her real passion is drawing and obsessing over her favorite podcast Universe City.
Aled Last is a quiet boy who always gets straight A’s. No one ever expected him to do anything but go to university too. But Aled has secrets too. Secrets that are more than just the podcast he likes to make.
Radio Silence was an amazing story, that revolved around just one podcast, that seemed to deepen the plot more than a normal podcast would. It was interesting to see a story outside a podcast that really had a deep hidden meaning. I would highly rate it and gladly re-read it anytime. I would recommend it to ages 12-16/17