Lillian- Hearts and Other Body Parts

heartsTitle: Hearts and Other Body Parts

Author: Ira Bloom

Publisher: Scholastic Press

Release Date: March, 2017
Esme, Katy, and Ronnie are sisters, secretly witches bound by their family heritage. High school seems like a breeze to all three, charmed with good looks, smarts, and their powers. However when two new students arrive, the girls lifes turn around. The first new student is Norman, an eight foot giant boy who seems to be made of bolts and mitcatched body parts. The second transfer is Zack, who instantly has all the girls at school in a trance. He’s stunning, smart, and everyone doesn’t find it strange that he always wears sunglasses and claims to have a strange “disease.” However as people go missing and murders are reported everywhere, no one notices but Norman. In this thrilling magical romance, you will find yourself pulled in to the world of Esme, Katie, and Ronnie. This book kept me entertained with the thrilling mystery of Zack and the fantastically created charecters. I highly recommend it for ages 13-15.