Jacqueline- Forget Me Not

forget me notTitle: Forget me not

Author: Ellie Terry

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

Release Date: March, 2017

The book Forget me not is a book about a girl named Calliope June and she has Tourette syndrome which makes her make odd noises or faces when she does not mean to. Her and her mother move a lot and her mother is constantly dealing with break-ups, so it does not help that Calliope is trying to hide her TS which is just making it worse. Eventually everyone at her school knows she has TS and are mean to her because she is different, except for her neighbor Jinsong.

This book is written in poetry and is also written from two points of view, Jinsong’s and Calliope’s. This is interesting because you get to see what both of them are thinking and feeling after the choices they made and the actions they did. My favorite character is Calliope because she is kind of corky in a way and she loves space!
I would recommend this book to young readers between the ages 10-13 and to young readers who like poetry and realistic fiction. I hope you love this fantastic book!