Lillian- A List of Cages

list of cagesTitle: A List of Cages
Author: Robin Roe
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: January, 2017
Adam is exited for his senior year of high school. His year. When he lands a elective of helping the school’s psychologist, that’s even better. He can text with his friends the whole period, and doesn’t have to do any work. But when Adam runs in to his ex- foster brother, Julian, during a counseling session it’s a big surprise. Adam is siked to be reunited. Julian seems the same, kindhearted, funny, just like he once was. But as Adam and Julian hang out more frequently, Adam realizes that there is more going on with Julian than meets the eye. From Robin Roe’s first novel, you find so much. Robin Roe creates an amazing plot and story, even dealing with such a harsh topic, and you find yourself walking along with Adam and Julian. This book was fanomanal, and I couldn’t stop reading it. The mystery of Julian keeps your eyes reading, and I loved it immensely. I would highly recommend it to anyone, however it is a definite YA and I would recommend it to ages 13 (at the youngest) to 16.