Emma- This Is Our Story

our storyTitle: This Is Our Story

Author: Ashley Elston

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Release Date: November, 2016

A ten-point buck and a dead body make the same sound when they hit the forest floor…

Five boys, John Michael, Henry, Shep, Logan, and Grant go hunting at River Point hunting grounds the night after a huge party. Not many people really know what goes on at the River Point parties. Some have seen Henry and Grant performing illegal business transactions out back. But now, the truth might finally get out, now that Grant has moved to a new home: the morgue. Working with her mom at the Assistant District Attorney’s office, seventeen-year-old Kate Marino has her own reason to want justice for Grant. She needs to find out who pulled that trigger. But between the four boys’ damning toxicology reports, their innocence-claiming confessions, and their wealthy fathers’ vicious defense attorneys, what really happened that night at River Point will never get out. All four will be arrested for involuntary manslaughter, and the true murderer will never be brought to justice. But what Kate discovers could put her own life in danger.

This book was great. It was amazing. It was also extremely disturbing, and all I’m going to say is that you won’t feel bad for Grant. In fact, if you were there, you probably would’ve pulled the trigger.

This Is Our Story put me in shock for quite a while before I was actually able to pick up a pen and write this review. However, now that I have, I would say that this book is at the top of my all time faves booklist. I recommend this book to 14+ fans of mystery and court thrillers, or anyone who likes the feeling of goosebumps crawling up their neck for a month. On a scale of 10, I give this book a 10,000/10. Seriously. YOU. MUST. READ. THIS. BOOK.