1.17 Tennyson St Report

Denver weather continues to be as confounding and fickle as ever, exercising a continued insistence on both having and eating its proverbial cake. Mid January features a both freshly laid, and freshly melting snow. A pristine blue sky is illuminated by an unobstructed sun, making for a near perfect fifty degree day on this seventeenth of January, reminding us that weather here is a relentless juxtaposition.

It’s a quiet Tuesday on the street; foot traffic is sparse, and in three hours not one fire truck has gone by. Street traffic is as congested as ever at the south end of the street as the inexorable march of capitalism rises into the sky and becomes the new soundtrack of the street.

Things may be slow now, but look forward to a lively street tonight once the booze catchers emerge from their dens for the nightly hunt.