First Saturday Poetry Featuring: Tim Earley & Jessica Comola

Jessica and Tim dazzled tonight with their readings, which is to say it was a standard First earley-bookSaturday Poetry night. Joe Hutchison’s monthly showcase was as compelling as ever, with Joe personally coming after the readings to confess his admiration for these two authors. One would advise a reader not to approach these authors lightly or without commitment, but assuredly such an engagement will be rewarded many times over.


Friends and strangers alike packed BookBar on Saturday to hear these two as has become standard for First Saturday Poetry nights. No fewer than thirty people were here to listen, and inevitably, more turned away from their work and conversation as well. You can find the night’s reading here courtesy of Facebook Live, though sadly most of Jessica’s reading was cut off. We can only imagine the internet simply wasn’t prepared for it. In addition to that, an interview with the pair will be coming shortly to our YouTube channel. Keep an eye out for that interview coming at the beginning of next week.